Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Ask For Alchemy?

Why Ask For Alchemy?

‎- Using the words of Ronald Heifetz, the challenge of leadership today is to be able to stay calm in the midst of ambiguity, to maintain poise in the midst of uncertainty, to be able to keep people's eyes on the larger values that you hope will be enduring and for which it's worth suffering through changes and disorders, and responding with faith and creativity. 

- Compassion will be one of the most important characteristics business leaders will need for success a decade from now, say executives of Fortune 1,000 companies surveyed recently by Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management. Only team-building was cited more often than compassion by the executives, who selected from a list that also included the terms "competitiveness," "intelligence" and "aggressiveness."

- A study conducted by the Economist Intelligent Unit, entitled Growing Global Executive Talent, showed that the top three leadership qualities that will be important over the next years include: the ability to motivate staff (35%); the ability to work well across cultures (34%); and the ability to facilitate change (32%). The least important were technical expertise (11%) and "bringing in the numbers" (10%).

- It is proved that Softer skills - like intuition - have high capability to influence better results in productivity, performance, cycle time, responsiveness to the business environment, adapting to change, and innovation. Each of these directly impacts profit, success and survival in the business arena.

- People, good people continue to be the backbone of great and successful companies.

“We are all spiritual beings, composed of minds, bodies, and a spiritual side, whether we acknowledge this portion of ourselves or not. To ask employees only to utilize their minds and bodies, while not acknowledging the power of the spirit which resides in every person, not only diminishes their individual gifts and contributions, but it limits their ability to contribute fully to their work and their organizations.
 To unleash the whole capability of the individual – mind, body, and spirit – gives enormous power to the organization.